Dante de Blasio Faces First Challenge As Mayor’s Son


Sure, everyone loved 16-year-old Dante de Blasio back when he was the well-styled star of his father’s mayoral campaign, but will he be able to maintain his popularity now that he is one of New York’s First Kids? As with brand-new Mayor De Blasio, there’s a lot of attention being paid to Dante’s handling of the big blizzard expected to hit New York tonight. The New York Times’ teen tipsters (or adult spies) passed along a screenshot of a Facebook message exchange between the Brooklyn Tech student and a friend asking for inside information about the possibility of a snow day. “I have no idea,” Dante writes. “But I’m trying yo convince my dad.” Assuming the “yo” in that last line was a typo (and not the suggestion that his buddy try to get in touch with the mayor himself), it seems as if Dante is taking a page from the elder De Blasio’s book by advocating for the little people, even if the decision is technically up to newly appointed Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña.