Dennis Rodman Knows Exactly Why He Drinks

Photo: WANG ZHAO/AFP/Getty Images

Dennis Rodman gave an interview from rehab on Friday, telling CNN's Chris Cuomo that he still feels bad about his drunken Kenneth Bae rant, because he doesn't know enough about the situation. Asked why he drinks so much, Rodman said, "I think for me, the reason I drink is because I'm bored." And while he knows "the marshal," which is what he calls Kim Jong-un, "that doesn't mean I know the marshal like that." So could everyone please drop the whole Bae thing? "I keep telling people, I'm not there to be an ambassador to try to figure out why (is Kim) doing all these things? That's not my job." So why socialize with North Korea's despotic leader? "My whole goal is to make people happy."