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stand clear of the dancing kids

Subway Dancers Arrested for Somersaults and Stereo

New York City Subway dancer Marcus Walden ( Mr Wiggles)  performs with other members of his dance crew November 23, 2010. The dance crew of Donte Steele (Thebestuknow); Tamiek Steele ( B/Boy LJ) and Marcus Walden ( Mr Wiggles) perform their roughly 45-second routine between stops on the train running from 125th Street in Harlem to the Brooklyn Bridge.

Two of the city’s many acrobatic “It’s Showtime!” train dancers — a polarizing entry in our Reasons to Love New York 2013 — were busted last week for reckless endangerment, DNAinfo reports, after performing in a crowded car. “The pair caused a hazard to themselves and others around them, and made excessive noise by blaring music from a stereo, police said,” raising yet another unanswered question: What will the De Blasio era mean for the War on Loud Stereos?

Photo: Timothy A Clary/AFP/Getty Images