Ted Nugent Is Still Out There Saying Horrible Things

Photo: Randy Snyder/Getty Images

The last time most Americans were made to think about Ted Nugent was last February, when he attended the State of the Union address as the guest of a Republican congressman, despite having previously invited President Obama to "suck on" a machine gun and threatening him with assassination and armed revolt. But in a video interview with Guns.com earlier this week, the Motor City Madman offered an unsolicited apology to members of the military for allowing the election a commander-in-chief who is their "enemy."

He then went on to refer to Obama as a "gangster," a "subhuman mongrel," and — just to make sure everyone understood what he was getting at — a "chimpanzee." After acknowledging that "a lot of people might call that inflammatory speech," Nugent ended the chat by encouraging viewers to join the NRA, on whose board he currently sits. Unfortunately, we can't imagine he's anything but extremely proud of himself for managing to make his comments about Obama as disgusting as one possibly can while avoiding the worst possible racial slur or another visit from the Secret Service.