Obama’s Half-Brother Is Trying to Mortify Him


Back in 1988, an American guy showed up at Mark Obama Ndesandjo’s home in Kenya and revealed that he was his long-lost older brother, Barack Obama. Presumably, that first meeting was pretty awkward – especially since Mark’s mom married Barack Obama Sr. just a few months after divorcing the future president’s mom – and it seems Ndesandjo has been trying to get back at his older brother ever since. In 2008, Ndesandjo surprised Obama just before a debate with Hillary Clinton, but he was only mildly uncomfortable. Now he’s taken things up a notch by releasing a home movie of that meeting to Inside Edition

Ndesandjo also told Inside Edition that the president is “very cold sometimes.” Nice try, but we doubt it will do the trick. Bill Clinton’s half-brother Roger has been arrested multiple times and appeared in Bio-Dome, but even he wouldn’t make it onto a list of top presidential embarrassments.