Paul Krugman Quitting Princeton to Be Closer to Zabar’s

Photo: Jerome Favre/Bloomberg via Getty Images

In announcing on Friday that he would be retiring from Princeton at the end of this year to take a faculty position at CUNY, Paul Krugman offered some high-minded ideas about how his interests have shifted and he now wants to work someplace with more of a focus on public policy. But he was also not shy about suggesting the change also had a lot to do with wanting to move to the city and dine out. "In terms of geography, the answer seemed clear on reflection: somewhere near Zabar’s New York is the best place to pursue my current interests," Krugman wrote. Then later, "At any rate, I truly do love New York, so that there will be a lot more good restaurants a lifestyle gain to complement the professional advantages." Plus, he can maybe walk to work and counteract all that lobster seafare salad.