Donald Trump Responds to Unflattering Profile in the Most Donald Trump Way Possible

Photo: John Moore/2014 Getty Images

BuzzFeed reporter McKay Coppins's lengthy Friday profile of Donald Trump as a fading, attention-starved political charlatan was not exactly kind. And while Trump's spokesman said on Friday that the Donald below the hair was "totally unfazed" by this "totally dishonest and unfair article, written by a politically irrelevant website," the Apprentice host apparently still needed to fire someone over it. That someone was 32-year-old political consultant Sam Nunberg, who apparently persuaded Trump to do the interview with Coppins. He told the New York Post he had tried to resign. "I told [Trump] when he fired me, 'Sir, I’m willing to offer you my resignation.' He didn’t accept that," Nunberg said. He's resigned to his fate. "I failed Mr. Trump, and that’s the long and short of it."