Even Kevin Spacey Likes to Joke About Rob Ford


Two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey joined the world in mocking Rob Ford by posting a Photoshopped image of himself sandwiched between the crack-smoking Toronto mayor and his adviser/brother, Doug, to Twitter on Saturday. The three crossed paths last week, when Spacey and Rob both appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Apparently, the Fords were told they could not pose for a photo with Spacey, leading Doug to call the actor “an arrogant S.O.B.” on the YouTube show he hosts with his brother. “Who does this character think he is?” Doug demanded to know.

The apparent answer? Just a guy with a desire to avoid getting too close to sweaty, corrupt Canadians in real life. But the internet is different story: “When did Mayor Ford start doing what people tell him to do?” read the caption accompanying Spacey’s picture. “All you had to do was ask, guys.”