Fraternity Brothers’ SeaWorld Ice-Cream Burglary Goes Awry

WINTER in Alcon Entertainment’s family adventure “DOLPHIN TALE,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release. Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures/©2010 Alcon Film Fund LLC.

Two fraternity brothers were arrested early Wednesday morning during what has to be one of the least badass spring-break pranks ever attempted: sneaking into SeaWorld San Antonio to take photos with the animals. After scaling a fence to get into the park, the two men broke into a storage area and ate ice cream before being spotted by security. Duc Thien Nguyen, 23, and Huy Quang Mai, 18, who are both students at the University of Houston, were charged with criminal trespassing and theft under $50. Three other men who allegedly accompanied Nguyen and Mai are still at large; San Antonio residents are warned to lock their fish tanks and freezers.