Bridgegate Has Cost the Christie Campaign $314,000 So Far

Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The real winners of Bridgegate are the lawyers. Chris Christie's reelection campaign has been billed at least $314,000 in costs related to the scandal through March, according to financials reported by The Wall Street Journal. At least $264,000 of that is listed as debts, or more than the $156,587 the campaign has in cash on hand. (Donations for the year have totaled just $3,800 in three months. Go figure.) And that's not counting the $1 million reportedly spent by the Christie administration, i.e., taxpayers, for the controversial report that exonerated the governor, or the $500,000-plus paid up by the state legislature, i.e., taxpayers, for their probe. It's like the citizens of New Jersey lose no matter what.