Mayor de Blasio Won’t Let L.A. Just Take The Late Show

Photo: Elsa/Getty Images

Last week, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti — whose pride is apparently still bruised over NBC's decision to bring The Tonight Show from Burbank to New York last year — sent a letter to CBS CEO Les Moonves inviting him to move Manhattan-based The Late Show to his city once David Letterman retires sometime in 2015. But don't worry, tourists planning their New York vacations more than a year in advance and (maybe!) people who work for Stephen Colbert: Mayor de Blasio is willing to put up a fight. Or, at the very least, he's willing to get in touch with Moonves himself. 

"I had a very good conversation yesterday with the man who will actually make that decision, Les Moonves, and I emphasized that New York has been an extraordinary home for the Late Show and that we think it’ll be a great home for the Late Show going forward," he told reporters on Tuesday. "And I’m hopeful that that's what will come to pass." And even if de Blasio ultimately fails to charm Moonves, Governor Cuomo might come through with an attractive tax break.