Now Donald Sterling Says He Was Only Being Racist to Get Laid

Photo: Ronald Martinez/2013 Getty Images

The guy just keeps talking. Disgraced Clippers owner Donald Sterling — the "leathery lothario," if you will — seems to think he can explain away his racism by talking about his penis. Because we needed this saga to get more disgusting.

"I'm talking to a girl. I'm trying to have sex with her. I'm trying to play with her," Sterling says in a new recording obtained by Radar Online. "If you were trying to have sex with a girl and you're talking to her privately and you don't think anybody's there, you may say anything in the world!" Nothing gets a half-black woman less than half your age hot like telling her not to associate with black people in public. 

"The girl is black," he continues, in reference to alleged girlfriend, "archivist," and visor aficionado V. Stiviano. "I like her. I'm jealous that she's with other black guys. I want her. So what the hell. Can't I in private tell her, 'I don't want you to be with anybody?'" When you put it that way ... nope, still racist.

But it gets even more gross! "I wish Magic Johnson was talking to a girl and trying to play with her," says Sterling. "You might say you have the biggest penis in the world! I would have said I could fly over a high-rise building if I had to."

"Am I a person? Do I have any freedom of speech?" he whines. Just keep talking, sir.

"The next thing you know, three months later what you said when you were hot trying to get in her is released!" Sterling says, like he still can't believe it. "I know what I said was wrong, but I never thought the private conversation would go anywhere," he sighs. "It doesn't matter. No one's going to hear it but you and me so ..."

Either Sterling is deranged enough to have leaked another recorded conversation (while pretending it's private) thinking it somehow helps his case, or he really needs to start reevaluating his relationships.