President Romney Basks in Latest Triumph

You're welcome, America. Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

When the history of this presidency is written, it will record that bold, progressive reforms dramatically reshaped the face of government, thanks to the vision, creativity, and political will of one man. And that man is Mitt Romney.

President Obama already has Gina McCarthy, who designed Romney’s cap-and-trade program in Massachusetts, running the Environmental Protection Agency for him. Coral Davenport reports today that the administration’s new regulations of power plants, due for release Monday, will be designed to expand the structure Romney built:

As governor of Massachusetts, Mr. Romney was a key architect of a cap-and-trade program in nine northeastern states, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

Officials with the northeastern regional cap-and-trade program that Mr. Romney initially endorsed have played a significant role in shaping the new rule. In frequent trips to Washington over the last several months they have consulted with Ms. McCarthy and other top E.P.A. officials.

It’s Cap-and-Mitt!

Cap and Mitt. Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Romney, of course, created the prototype for what became Obama’s national health-care plan, and proposed to take his plan national, before learning upon closer inspection that his plan actually amounted to the end of freedom in America. Now Obama is sneakily stealing another Romney accomplishment, thus transforming it from a centrist, market-based reform into a socialistic monstrosity.

This is really going to set back Romney’s hopes of winning the 2016 Republican primary. On the other hand, why would Romney even need to become president now? He’s already won.