Subway Hero Credits Adrenaline, God

A woman walks along the platform as a number 6 train of the New York City subway passes by 13 December, 2002, at Grand Central Terminal in New York. The 34, 000 member Transit Workers Union is threatening a strike if their contract with the Metropolitan Transit Authority expires at 12:00 AM, 16 December, shutting down subway and bus service across the city.
Photo: STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images

God put me in that situation. It was where I was supposed to be,” says Joshua Garcia, who jumped down and lifted a teenager off the tracks to safety after she passed out and cracked her head open on the rails. “It was adrenaline and the power of the Lord,” he tells DNAinfo, which has the whole feel-good story. “I give all the glory to Lord Jesus.” But really: Save some for yourself, sir!