Charlie Rangel Talking With His Hands: A Retrospective

Photo: Andrew Burton/2014 Getty Images

Love him or hate him, 84-year-old Charlie Rangel is definitely a New Yorker. The Harlem-born congressman has represented the city in the House since 1971, and despite scandals and health problems, that's not changing yet, if last night's primary results hold. Always animated and frequently uncensored — “My wife is in the house! My girlfriend is in the house!” he said at last night's victory party — Rangel has an extra-special way with his gestures, saying almost as much with his hands as with his mouth. Almost.

It goes way back, and comes in many different varieties. For example:

The Raised Fist

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The "Who, Me?"


The "Who, Moi?"

Photo: Terry Ashe/Terry Ashe

The "Look at My Jewelry" Laugh

Photo: Scott J. Ferrell/Congressional Quarterly Inc.

The Praise the Lord

Photo: Chris Hondros

The Fighting Spirit

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The "This Big"

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The Spirit Hands

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The "Wasn't Me"

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The "What Are You Gonna Do?"

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The "Come Again?"

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The "Up Yours"

Photo: Scott J. Ferrell

The "Who Cares?"

Photo: Scott J. Ferrell/2008 Congressional Quarterly

The Classic Rangel

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