The First Ever Gay Congressional Candidates to Include Their Partners in Ads Are All Republicans


The New York Times reports today that “this cycle, three gay Republicans running for Congress … are featuring their significant others in campaign ads, a first for a gay congressional candidate from either major political party.” Less surprisingly: The races are in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and California, all against Democratic incumbents, and with only one facing a primary. Still!

Above is an ad from Richard Tisei in Massachusetts, featuring a photo with his husband from the couple’s wedding earlier this year. “I think people need to know who I am and what I’m all about,” he said.

In California, an online video from Carl DeMaio features a shot of him holding hands with his partner at a pride parade:

And Dan Innis of New Hampshire, who does face a (straight) primary opponent, shows his husband and three kids in his introductory video:

While the recent progress is obvious and heartening — a majority of Americans support same-sex marriage (although not a majority of Republicans nationwide) — the Times notes that “no Republican has been openly gay when first elected to Congress.”

Gay Republicans Are Including Partners in Ads