Naked Women Drug and Rob Rich Guy

The kind of guy that spends $2k on a passport holder. Photo: Instagram

A rich 23-year-old passed out in his apartment with two naked women on Saturday night and woke up 12 hours later missing a lot more than his dignity. The sexy thieves, who fixed our victimized Casanova a drink right before his slumber, allegedly made off with his $10,000 Rolex, an iPhone, over ten grand in cash, and a $2,000 passport holder. 

Michael Curreri, who likes to post pictures of himself with fancy cars on Instagram, picked the ladies up at Tao before bringing them back to his Gramercy Park apartment, the New York Post reports. They showered together, as is customary in these arrangements, and then the fateful beverage was served. Police told the Post that cases like this are pretty common in Manhattan, but they released a description of the bandits in case anyone has spotted them: One is black, one is white, both have long hair and weigh around 120 pounds, and possess a great eye for expensive passport holders.