Strippers Caught Drugging and Robbing Rich Guys

Photo: Getty Images

The DEA, NYPD, and Westchester Police teamed up yesterday to take down four strippers whose latest business venture involved dosing rich guys, stealing their credit cards, and, in some cases, blackmailing them with compromising photos. The four women, along with the manager of the strip club that employed them, were charged with conspiracy, grand larceny, assault, and forgery for their scheme, which targeted a hedge fund manager, financial manager, doctor, and real estate agent.

The strippers, who worked at a place called the Roadhouse NYC Gentleman’s Club in Queens, would pick up guys at bars, drug them, and take them back to the club. After shuffling the drugged men into private rooms, they’d steal their credit cards and forge their signatures. In some cases, the strippers brought their marks to hotel rooms and took compromising photos of them with men and women. Once the men slept it off, the strippers blackmailed them with the photos.