Bowe Bergdahl Is Going Back on Active Duty

Photo: @khorasan313/Twitter

Just six weeks after he was released in a controversial prisoner swap with the Taliban, Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl will resume active duty. Army officials tell the New York Times that Bergdahl has completed his treatment and will take a job at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas possibly as soon as Monday. Bergdahl has been venturing off base for the past few weeks, and officials say he will live in barracks with two other soldiers to help him as he continues to readjust.

While Army officials have said they have “no reason to believe that he engaged in any misconduct,” many questions remain about his time in captivity. Just last week, a Taliban associate posted a photo on Twitter that appears to show Bergdahl smiling as a senior Taliban commander puts his arm around his shoulder. A Pentagon spokesman dismissed the photo as “100 percent propaganda,” and it’s possible Bergdahl was forced to pose for the picture. The Army says Bergdahl will soon be questioned by Major General Kenneth Dahl, the two-star general investigating his case. When the probe is completed in August, it will be turned over to Army officials who will decide whether Bergdahl should face disciplinary proceedings.