Uber Competitor Lyft Launches in Brooklyn and Queens

No really, the cars have mustaches on them. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images/2014 Getty Images

Lyft, the well-funded West Coast start-up that bills its car-hailing app as the kinder, gentler alternative to Uber, is coming to New York. Lyft's cars, which are outfitted with pink mustaches and drivers who prefer that you fist-bump and sit in the passenger seat, will start picking up passengers in Brooklyn and Queens on Friday.

Like Uber, which recently used its billion-dollar war chest to slash prices on city rides, Lyft is putting its massive venture-capital haul into promotional fares. In an attempt to woo New Yorkers, Lyft is giving all new passengers in the city free rides for the first two weeks. Now, if they could only replace those mustaches with something a little more fashion-forward.