Obama Answered Gay-Rights Quip With a Fist Bump

It's unclear why he fist bumped this gorilla statue. Photo: JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images

Between playing pool, getting offered weed, and meeting a guy in a horse-head mask, it already sounded like Obama had more fun in Colorado and Texas than a president probably should. The latest anecdote from last week’s trip explains why Obama was photographed fist-bumping the guy who took his order at Franklin Barbecue. Daniel Rugg Webb tells the Austin Chronicle that when the president came to his register he slapped his hand on the counter and declared “Equal rights for gay people!” Obama asked “Are you gay?” and Webb answered “Only when I have sex.” Obama laughed, put out his fist, and said, “Bump me.” So take a tip from Obama: Whether you’re greeting Republicans at the State of the Union or having an awkward political chat with the guy taking your lunch order, the fist bump is your secret weapon.