Severed Body Parts Keep Turning Up on Long Island

An arm was here. Photo: Fox 5 News

On Tuesday morning, two people found the partially dismembered body of a woman in a Bay Shore lot. On Wednesday afternoon, a man found a severed arm in his sister's yard in Hampstead. On Thursday, afternoon someone discovered another arm about a half-mile away from where the first one was found. By Friday, everyone on Long Island was slightly freaked out. 

Now police are trying to figure out if the severed arm found yesterday belongs to the body found the day before. They're also investigating any potential connection to the 2010 Gilgo Beach serial killer. And lastly, they're considering the possibility that the body parts belong to missing 27-year-old Brownsville woman Chinelle Latoya Browne. She was last seen Saturday fighting with her landlord over an extension cord. 

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