Bill Kristol Demands War, Has Not Been Informed It’s Already Happening

Well, okay then! Carry on. Photo: Chip Somodevilla/2011 Getty Images

Weekly Standard editor William Kristol is angry at ISIS's murder of journalist Jim Foley, which is completely understandable. Somewhat less understandable is his angry denunciation of Obama's policy toward ISIS:

What happens in the age of Obama to a group that does something that appalls and shocks the conscience of the entire world?


Nothing! Well, except for the two-week-long, ongoing campaign of air strikes, which has allowed Kurdish forces to route ISIS, and which is the very thing ISIS is trying to stop by threatening to murder more hostages.

Kristol continues his rant against Obama's policy of doing nothing against ISIS except blow them up, "I know that we cannot sit back and wait for a just God to bring evildoers to judgment here below." This is the sort of insight that makes Kristol such a respected foreign-policy analyst.