The City Paid for de Blasio’s Chauffeured Mercedes in Italy

Where's Jeeves with our ride? Photo: EPA/Telenews

Even the People’s Mayor gets some perks. The Wall Street Journal reports that Mayor de Blasio, who is not a billionaire like the last guy but does get paid $225,000 a year, often receives free subway swipes while on official business. Additionally: “The mayor's staff told the public that Mr. de Blasio paid for his trip to Italy, but [deputy press secretary Marti Adams] confirmed that a chauffeured white Mercedes-Benz that transported the family all over Italy was paid for by the taxpayers. She declined to provide the cost of that car.” To be fair, just about every car in Europe is a Mercedes, but don’t expect the New York Post to care about the nuances when it comes to Mayor de Spendio.