The Average Out-of-Network ATM Fee Is Now $4.35

An ATM machine on Third Avenue is viewed in New York on May 10, 2013, just one of the many that were used as cyber thieves around the world stole $45 million by hacking into debit card companies, scrapping withdrawal limits and helping themselves from cash machines, US authorities said May 9, 2013.  The massive heist unfolded "in a matter of hours," said the US prosecutor's office for Brooklyn, New York. Prosecutors unveiled charges against eight people accused of forming the New York cell of the plot, which stretched across 26 countries. In their case, they allegedly lifted $2.8 million in cash and now face charges of conspiracy to commit access device fraud and money laundering. Seven of the eight have been arrested, the US attorney's office said. The eighth, Alberto Yusi Lajud-Pena, who was the leader and was nicknamed "Prime" and "Albertico," is reported to have been murdered two weeks ago, the office said.
Photo: Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images

That ever-present feeling of your money just slipping away is not simply you being stingy. According to a new survey, various bank fees are hitting all-time highs, with the average fee topping $4, and the average overdraft charge hitting $32.74. Since these fees vary by location, a word of advice based on the findings: Travel to Phoenix, if you must, with plenty of cash, just in case.

Banks Leech More of Your Money As ATM Fees Climb