8 Juicy Bits From the Clinton Documents Release

A photograph showing former White House intern Monica Lewinsky meeting President Bill Clinton at a White House function submitted as evidence in documents by the Starr investigation and released by the House Judicary committee September 21, 1998.
Photo: Getty Images

Hillary Clinton may be gearing up for a 2016 run, but Friday was dedicated to reliving the 1990s with Bill. The Clinton Presidential Library and the National Archives released more than 10,000 pages of presidential documents today, including lots of juicy morsels from the Monica Lewinsky scandal and meetings around Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Though many of the (likely especially salacious) bits are redacted in this final round of releases, read on to find out which loudmouthed TV host apologized for his coverage of the intern sex scandal and what Justice Elena Kagan’s penmanship looked like when she worked for Clinton:

Vox caught some interesting handwritten commentary about gay rights circa the 1990s:

8 Juicy Bits From the Clinton Documents Release