Jose Canseco Shares Photos of Shooting Injury


The report on Tuesday night that Jose Canseco accidentally shot off his own middle finger while cleaning his gun sounded weird enough to be a dumb internet hoax, but the former MLB outfielder shared the photographic evidence on Twitter today. “Got no sleep. Hope I can keep my finger but grateful it wasn’t something worse,” Canseco captioned a photo of his bandaged left hand. His fiancée, Leila Knight, added, “Love you baby no matter how many fingers you have.”

Knight described the incident in an interview with the Daily News. “He had been at the shooting range a few days earlier,” she said. “He didn’t know it was loaded. The middle finger was hanging by a thread, and I wrapped his hand in a towel and then called 911. The doctors said they would either have to amputate or do reconstructive surgery. But if they do surgery, he won’t be able to use it again. He blew away an artery and a big bone chunk.”

Knight added that they still consider themselves lucky. “Jose is a little freaked out. He keeps saying, ‘Sorry, sorry.’ But we’re extremely lucky, lucky it wasn’t worse, or that he didn’t shoot me,” she said.