Lost Sheep Takes a Stroll on Metro-North Tracks


Metro-North’s latest problem is way more adorable than usual. A sheep wandered onto the tracks in Sleepy Hollow on Wednesday morning, slowing trains as they passed through the area. “Maintainers were able to safely shoo it back to a nearby gate from where it escaped,” an MTA spokesman told Gothamist. “They then closed the gate. Service was not impacted, but we had trains operating at restricted speed on all tracks through the area until there was word the sheep had been cleared at 11:31 a.m.”

A rider snapped a photo, which was tweeted by @mtaHarlemLine:

New York politicians should be breathing a sigh of relief. If the MTA was forced to suspend service, they would have spent the rest of the campaign debating what a sheep’s life is worth and whether they’re cuter than subway kittens.