Video: This Is Your BBC Reporter on Drugs


Burning behind me is eight-and-a-half tons of heroin, opium, hashish and other narcotics,” says the BBC’s Quentin Sommerville, before collapsing into a fit of giggles. On Monday, the Middle East correspondent tweeted unaired footage, titled “Don’t Inhale,” of his unsuccessful attempt to get through a report on narcotics in Afghanistan. “Dear tweeps, it’s been a year of bullets & bloodshed,” he wrote. “You’ve earned a xmas laugh, at my expense.” The four-year-old clip was subsequently deleted over copyright issues, and a BBC spokesman told The Telegraph it was “posted in the spirit of a blooper.” It also serves as an important reminder to think twice before mocking journalists who say dumb things on TV. You never know if they’re filing their report near a flaming pile of drugs.