Colorado Launches More Laid-back Marijuana PSAs


Colorado has realized that “Just Say No” messaging doesn’t make sense after the entire state’s said yes to legalizing recreational marijuana. Last year’s “Don’t Be a Lab Rat” ad campaign, which featured human-size rat cages, was widely mocked and, according to the AP, “at one point, a downtown Denver rat cage had a waiting line of people to snap selfies inside while toking joints in violation of a public-consumption ban.” On Monday state health officials unveiled its replacement: the $5.7 million “Good to Know” campaign, which offers friendly tips on safe marijuana consumption. “With those under 21, be aware, it’s illegal to give or share,” reads one of the brightly colored ads. So far there’s no twee sketch of Maureen Dowd that reminds Coloradans, “Even journalists with the Times, know too many edibles will blow their minds.”