All the Missing Bees Have Been Hiding Beneath This Queens Woman’s Bedroom


Though New York folk hero Anthony “Tony Bees” Planakis is officially retired from the NYPD, he still freelances in the event of a “bee emergency.” That’s exactly what he encountered on Monday night, when he was called to Mary Jean Dyczko’s house in Flushing to remove over 40,000 bees that had been living beneath her bedroom.

It took over three hours to remove the giant hive, which will be transported to a honeybee farm upstate. “I’m getting too old for this,” Tony Bees told Gothamist, by which he meant, “I live for this shit.”

40,000 Bees Removed From NYC Home (Credit: BMR... by Gothamist

The good news is they found all those missing bees. The bad news is they were all living beneath Mary Jean Dyczko’s house.