Sarah Palin and Fox News Part Ways, Again


After nearly six years of phoning in remote video appearances from her compound in Alaska, Sarah Palin and Fox News have cut ties yet again. The former Alaska governor first joined Fox New in 2010 before parting ways with the network in early 2013. Six months later, Roger Ailes, who previously said he hired Palin "because she was hot and got ratings," brought her back. Now she’s on her way out again, presumably for good.

Politico’s Mike Allen writes that “executives consider her less relevant now,” despite her huge following on Facebook, where she actively posts about her family, politics, and the unjust vilification of child molesters. Allen adds that Palin will be “heavily involved in GOP congressional and gubernatorial primaries.” Her role in the presidential primaries is still unclear, though she did recently praise Donald Trump in a Facebook post. That could be a sign that she’s looking for a spot on the ticket with Trump, or, more likely, that she’s got her eye on joining him in the boardroom.