U.S. Buzzes North Korean Border With B-52 Bomber

In case the K-Pop isn't effective.Photo: JUNG YEON-JE

In response to what was likely a North Korean nuclear test last week, the U.S. flew a B-52 bomber near the North Korean border on Sunday. The Associated Press reports that the Guam-based aircraft, which can carry a payload of nuclear bombs, was escorted on the low-level flight by American and South Korean fighter planes. North Korea scared the world for a moment on Wednesday when it declared it had set off a hydrogen (thermonuclear) bomb, and though an artificial earthquake consistent with a small nuclear explosion was measured originating from one of North Korea’s test areas, nuclear-weapons experts have yet to find any evidence that it was a hydrogen bomb. In the meantime, while the U.S. is flipping Pyongyang the bird in the sky, South Korea has responded to the escalation by redeploying K-Pop noise weaponry along the 38th parallel, the sonic equivalent of going nuclear.