New York Rat Complaints Surge

Rats. Photo: Stephen Dalton/© Corbis. All Rights Reserved.

No longer content to just be the subjects of weird, sort of adorable, and possibly staged internet videos, New York’s rats are apparently stepping into the everyday spotlight with more frequency. 8,335 rodent complaints have been made by disgusted New Yorkers so far this year, an 18 percent increase over the same period last year, according to the New York Post, who also reliably note that Mayor Bill de Blasio’s $3 million “Rat Attack” plan from last year doesn’t appear to have had a big enough effect. As an exterminator confirmed to the Post, “The rats are getting bigger and bolder. We’re seeing them in the parks an hour before sunset. Some folks are seeing them in the afternoon.”

No word yet on whether or not the long-unawaited Indiana Jones sequel will now shoot in New York as a result: