Hannity Tells Assange, ‘I Do Hope You Get Free One Day’


What a difference six years — and leaking a trove of Democratic emails — makes. A few weeks after appearing on Megyn Kelly’s show to tease another “significant” leak prior to the U.S. election, Julian Assange stopped by Fox News again on Tuesday night to promise the first batch of documents is coming “reasonably soon.”

Assange was warmly received by Sean Hannity; though, back in 2010, Hannity and Ann Coulter were attacking the Obama administration for being too incompetent to lock up the WikiLeaks founder. “You know, part of me in the beginning was conflicted about you,” Hannity said at the start of the interview. That’s a nice way of saying he used to call for Assange’s arrest for “stealing highly classified documents that puts people’s lives at risk.”

Now Hannity is willing to look past all that because Assange has exposed how “corrupt, dishonest, and phony our government is” (and he accused Hillary Clinton of lying about classified documents). Hannity concluded the interview by telling Assange, “I do hope you get free one day. I wish you the best.”