Philippines President Tells President Obama to ‘Go to Hell’

Photo: Ted Aljibe/AFP/Getty Images

Rodrigo Duterte, the Philippine president who’s previously called President Obama a “son of a whore,” was back at it in Manila on Tuesday. In a speech about his brutal war on drugs, Duterte said the United States should have supported his crackdown instead of criticizing him for a campaign of extrajudicial killings. Then he told President Obama to “go to hell.”

Duterte suggested that he will begin working to “break up” with the United States and mentioned how much more friendly Russia and China have been to him. Both nations have offered to supply the Philippines with weapons that Duterte says the United States has refused to sell him.

As for his verbal outbursts, Duterte defends them even as allies have begun to call on him to cut it out. “When you are already at the receiving end of an uncontrollable rush, the only way out is to insult,” he said. “That is my retaliation.”