Trump Suggests Clinton Was on Drugs at Debate

In case you missed Donald “Trolling” Trump from the GOP primaries, he’s back. Photo: Mary Schwalm/AFP/Getty Images

Donald Trump, who has repeatedly pushed the unfounded conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton suffers from some secret debilitating illness, had a new theory for his supporters at a rally on Saturday: Maybe she’s a drug user. Trump, in full “unshackled” mode, told a crowd of supporters in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, that Clinton, who has won both presidential debates according to most polls, seemed “pumped up” at the beginning of the second debate last Sunday, but that he thought her energy then waned as the debate went on. So, in Donald Trump’s reality, it of course stands to reason that she was thus “pumped up” on some kind of performance-enhancing drugs and that they should both take drug tests before the third debate, because athletes.

And here’s the full transcript:

Of course, Trump’s new theory also happens to fit neatly into his belief that all of his opponents — Hillary Clinton, Democrats, pollsters, the GOP Establishment, the media, an international consortium of bankers, the Commission on Presidential Debates, and unattractive women — are trying to cheat him out of an electoral victory.