John Kasich Is Voting Like It’s 2008

Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

John Kasich, the Ohio governor and former GOP presidential candidate with questionable pizza-eating habits, snubbed Donald Trump on the top of his ballot, instead writing in a past GOP presidential candidate: Arizona senator John McCain. McCain is not among the 18 eligible write-in candidates in Ohio, so that protest vote, entered on an absentee ballot, won’t even count. Kasich, despite signing on to that GOP “loyalty pledge,” stayed away from the GOP convention in his home state and withheld his support for Trump until officially declaring in October that he “would not vote for a nominee who has behaved in a manner that reflects so poorly on our country.”

Meanwhile, Texas senator and former 2016 hopeful Ted Cruz, who told the audience at the GOP convention to “vote your conscience,” seems to have have followed his into casting a ballot for a man whom he once called a “sniveling coward.” Cruz told a KHOU, a Houston outlet, that he “voted straight ticket Republican,” adding, “I encourage conservatives to come out all across Houston, all across the state of Texas.” Little Marco Rubio, who appears to have the edge in his Florida Senate race against Democrat Patrick Murphy, took advantage of early voting to choose himself. When asked about Trump, Rubio told the Miami Herald: “Nothing’s changed on that. Really, we can’t have a president that’s under FBI investigation.”