Turns Out Donald Trump Already Owns TrumpTelevision.com

Photo: Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images

If Donald Trump is telling the truth when he says he has no interest in starting a TV network after the election, he sure has a weird way of showing it. From Jared Kushner’s meetings with media industry “deal-makers” to the launch of a nightly Facebook Live broadcast, signs continue to point to the eventual launch of Trump TV. Now there’s the revelation that the Trump Organization already owns three key URLs that could point to a future in the media business: TrumpTelevision.com, TrumpNetwork.com, and TheTrumpNetwork.com.

The latter two addresses once hosted content for a multilevel marketing company that sold vitamins and licensed Trump’s name to help dupe people into joining. TrumpTelevision.com, on the other hand, appears to have never hosted anything, according to Yahoo. The Trump Organization has owned these sites since at least December 2012, but they’ve taken on a new relevance in light of Trump’s rumored television ambitions. There’s a chance that the Trump Organization is just sitting on these websites so no one else uses them, like it’s doing with TrumpVodkaSucks.com and NoMoreTrump.com. But there’s also a chance they will soon be home to a TV network that, as Trump might say, is so good “your head will spin.”