One of the Few Women in a Senior Role Is Leaving the Trump White House

Walsh will join a pro-Trump group outside the White House. Photo: Cliff Owen/AP

Katie Walsh, the White House deputy chief of staff and one of the only women working in a senior role in the West Wing, is moving on, her now-former boss Reince Priebus said Thursday.

The former RNC staffer was the top aide for Priebus, the White House chief of staff, who tried to spin her departure as a positive for the Trump administration. He told reporters Thursday that Walsh is going to work for a pro-Trump outside group and serve the White House by helping to support its initiatives against Trump’s many opponents.

“It was abundantly clear we didn’t have air cover when it came to the calls coming into lawmakers,” Priebus said, referring to coordinated opposition to Trumpcare. “Nobody can fix this problem like Katie Walsh.”

Though Trump officials say Walsh wasn’t fired, Washington Post reporter Philip Rucker says she was viewed with suspicion by some inside the White House because of her close ties to the GOP Establishment.

Who those others are isn’t clear. But the prime candidate, Steve Bannon, told reporters that the White House would miss her, but she would be a key ally in her next job. “Katie’s a vital link that pulls things together and makes things happen,” he said.

Walsh is now joining a group called America First Policies, which exists to boost Trump’s efforts from the outside, but has had trouble getting off the ground.

A Senior Aide Leaving the Trump White House