All Hail Louie Gohmert’s Uranium One Conspiracy Chart


For weeks, Republicans have been playing up a phony Hillary Clinton “scandal” involving something called Uranium One in a transparent effort to deflect attention away from President Trump’s Russia problems. (For a quick but effective debunking of the story, see here.)

On Tuesday, Republican Louie Gohmert, who could charitably be called one of the House of Representatives’ most eccentric members, brought a chart his staff put together detailing Clinton’s depraved deeds to a House Judiciary Committee hearing. And it turns out this thing goes much, much farther than anyone thought.

Gohmert’s chart manages to link together every overblown, Republican-hyped nonstory of the last few years, from “Benghazi” to “unmasking scandal” to “Fast & Furious.” Everything makes so much sense now, if you just accept the simple premise of a massive, coordinated left-wing conspiracy at every level of government.

The chart also raises a few questions. Is this the best congressional floor chart ever? Why does Ben Rhodes link Barack Obama to Barack Obama? But most importantly: How could we have ever let someone as wicked as Hillary Clinton so close to the presidency?

All Hail Louie Gohmert’s Uranium One Conspiracy Chart