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Bernie Sanders for President? Why Not Try a Real Socialist for a Change.

There were a few changes in that same speech Bernie ­Sanders freely admits he’s been giving for the past four decades, give or take a j’accuse or two.

Beginning in 1981, when he was first elected as the democratic-socialist mayor of Burlington, a.k.a. “the ­People’s Republic of Burlington,” the only U.S. city then maintaining a pro–Nicaragua-­Sandinista foreign policy, Bernie, as he is universally known there, often railed against “the ruling class.” These days, with the condition-red Republican hegemony hard upon the land, the 73-year-old U.S. senator has upped the ante, going with “the billionaire class.” Likewise, well-worn jeremiads against the Rockefellers, big oil, and the Bush neocon cabal have been replaced by broadsides decrying corporate media and the moneybag Koch brothers, Chuck and Dave, wielders of the Citizens United truncheon. 

Anyone who wakes up in the morning with a burning desire to be the president of the United States is a little bit crazy.” »

Italian and Greek Rescuers Evacuating Hundreds of People Trapped on Burning Ferry

Greek and Italian rescue crews worked all day and into the night to evacuate a burning ferry drifting in the Adriatic Sea. Reuters reports that a fire broke out in a garage on the lower deck of the Norman Atlantic sometime in between 4:30 a.m. and 6 a.m. on Sunday. The ship, which  was on its way from Patras, Greece to Ancona, Italy, is currently about 13 miles from the coast of Albania. There were originally 422 passengers and 56 crew members on board, but the Italian navy told The Guardian that 190 people had been brought to safety as of 14 hours after the blaze began. The ferry was also carrying around 200 cars.

The fire has been "tamed," though not extinguished. »

The American War in Afghanistan Officially Ended Today

Slowly but surely, President Obama is following through on his pledge to wind down the 13-year-old American war in Afghanistan. On Sunday, officials from the United States and NATO held a ceremony in Kabul marking the official end of their combat mission. Shortly after, Obama issued a statement acknowledging the "responsible conclusion" of the war and thanking the tens of thousands of U.S. troops who participated in it, and the more than 2,200 who died doing so. "We salute every American — military and civilian, including our dedicated diplomats and development workers — who have served in Afghanistan, many on multiple tours, just as their families have sacrificed at home," he wrote.


Ferguson Police Department Spokesman Suspended After Calling Mike Brown Memorial 'a Pile of Trash'

It seems that someone decided to celebrate Christmas in Ferguson by destroying a makeshift memorial to Mike Brown. According to local reports, a car intentionally plowed over the collection of flowers, photographs, stuffed animals, candles, notes, and other mementos that has stood at the site of the 18-year-old's death since August.

Ferguson police officer Tim Zoll was less than sensitive about the incident. »

NYPD Chief Says Cops Turning Their Backs on de Blasio Was 'Very Inappropriate'

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton went on a couple Sunday morning talk shows to confirm what many people were already thinking: "I certainly don't support that action yesterday," said Bratton when asked about the cops who turned their backs on Bill de Blasio as the mayor spoke at a Saturday memorial for murdered NYPD officer Rafael Ramos. "I think it was very inappropriate at that event. That funeral was held to honor Officer Ramos. To bring politics, to bring issues into that event was very inappropriate, and I do not support it."


AirAsia Plane Carrying 162 People Missing Somewhere Over Java Sea

The Malaysia-based airline AirAsia has confirmed that one of its planes has gone missing over the Java Sea, which separates the Indonesian islands of Java and Borneo. Flight QZ8501 — an Airbus A320-200 carrying 155 passengers and 7 crew members — left Surabaya, Indonesia for Singapore early Sunday morning, disappearing about 42 minutes after takeoff.

"We cannot assume anything yet." »

Study Confirms What You Probably Already Suspected About People Who Live in Colorado

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 10.4 percent of Coloradans over the age of 12 said they'd used marijuana in the past month when asked during a period in 2011–2012. That figure jumped to 12.7 percent the next year, meaning that Colorado has the second-highest (heh) percentage of regular weed consumers in the United States. (Rhode Island is No. 1, while the national rate is a considerably less chill 7.4 percent.) The survey didn't include numbers from 2014, the year Colorado's recreational pot sales began, so it doesn't tell us if usage increased with legalization — but it does at least partially explain how ol' Amendment 64 passed in the first place.

Cops Turn Their Backs on Mayor de Blasio During Funeral for Murdered NYPD Officer

Following a heavily attended Friday evening wake, tens of thousands of people gathered at Queens's Christ Tabernacle Church on Saturday morning for the funeral of murdered NYPD officer Rafael Ramos. In addition to Ramos's family and friends, the mourners included cops from New York City and across the United States, police chief Bill Bratton, Governor Cuomo, Vice-President Biden, and Mayor de Blasio. 

"All of this city is grieving and grieving for so many reasons ... " »

North Korea Is Not Happy About the Release of The Interview

Regardless of whether North Korea was actually behind the Sony hack, the government of Kim Jong-un was not happy to see The Interview make it onto (a limited number of) big and small screens. On Saturday, North Korea's powerful National Defense Commission attacked President Obama for encouraging Sony to release the movie despite terror threats from the hackers. "Obama always goes reckless in words and deeds like a monkey in a tropical forest," said a statement, which complained that the Seth Rogen–James Franco joint undermined "the dignity of the supreme leadership."


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