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Washington Post Editorial Board Bans the Word Redskins

The Washington Post's editorial board announced Friday that it will no longer use the word Redskins to refer to the Washington, D.C., football team.

Other sections of the paper will continue to use the team's poorly chosen name. The ed board, though, is not alone in making the switch: Slate and the Washington City Paper already use workarounds when referring to the NFL franchise.


Russia Inching Closer to War in Ukraine With Convoy ‘Invasion’

U.S. officials are saying that Russia has 18,000 combat-ready troops at the Ukraine border on Friday, just as the Russian aid convoy crossed into Ukraine without authorization. Russian officials say the humanitarian aid, which includes food and sleeping bags, is meant for people in the war-torn southeastern regions, while Ukrainian officials are calling the entry a "direct invasion."


Darren Wilson Charity Page Turned Into a Cesspool of Racism and Trolling, Surprising No One

White people, it's safe to assume, have donated more than $230,000 in six days to Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, who has not been charged with a crime in the shooting of Michael Brown, "for any financial needs." (Meet his supporters here.) Along with their credit card numbers, donors were allowed to leave their two cents. That went about as well as could be expected.


Why Cops Handcuff Dead People

One of the (many) horrible details about the video of the police-shooting death of Kajieme Powell — and one I didn't mention in my article about the incident — is the fact that the police handcuff Powell after shooting him multiple times. In the video of the incident (again, don't watch if squeamish), you can hear the man who is filming comment on this. It's an understandable question: Why would the police do this? It comes across as a desecration.


50,000 Bees in a Condo Bring Superhero Out of Retirement

It was only two weeks ago that NYPD honey god Anthony "Tony Bees" Planakis hung up his bug vacuum. ("I wanted to start working on my own hives," he said.) But when a Queens building owner discovered a hive of 50,000 in his ceiling, and he googled for help, one man was at the top of the list. DNAinfo reports that Tony Bees gladly came out of retirement to get the job done, with the help of fellow apiarist Larry "Honeybee Helper" Stone, whose work, we're sure, is great, but whose nickname is far inferior. We just can't quit you, Tony Bees, and you can't quit the hive game. Not as long as there are still bees out there, trying to squat in our condos.

Rand Paul Offers Free Eye Exam With Deportation

Not long ago, Rand Paul appeared at a fund-raiser for full-time immigration hawk and occasional racist Steve King, where he found himself uncomfortably close to a young Mexican immigrant, causing him to panic and flee. Now Paul tells Breitbart News he supports the House bill that would end President Obama’s policy of granting relief from deportation to undocumented immigrants who were brought here as children.


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