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10/ 2/06

2:30 PM

Attack of the Day 

Democrats Dread Short-Term Results of Long-Term Strategy

Democrats, save what little hair you have left after reading Matt Bai's New York Times Magazine profile of Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean. You'll need something to yank after realizing that there are ten congressional districts in New York where Democrats are running either against incumbent Republicans or for an open seat. Winning these races is unlikely, especially with Dean off fomenting liberal revolution among the change-hungry peoples of Utah and Alaska.

Hillary took a shot at Dean's 50-State Strategy last Friday at a DNC fund-raising event. "The [Republican National Committee] is pouring tens of millions of dollars into races and we're not matching that. We're doing investments, you know, in ground [operations] and other efforts which will be very beneficial, but the RNC has about $60 million to $70 million waiting to drop on our candidates."

An aide stepped in to extract the talons of truth and pull back to a more cautious "Well, we did say something nice about the DNC" position, but the Yawper can read between the lines in Newsday. The DNC elected Dean in 2005 on the strength of the 50-State Strategy; for Dean to keep his job, the Republicans must lose the majority.