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5:25 PM

Attack of the Day 

Et Tu, Schumer?

Schumer has no problem with criminals — he just doesn't like Alan Hevesi.Photograph by Patrick McMullan

In the annals of Alan Hevesi, before there was cargate/chauffeurgate/Carolgate (can we call a pundit quorum and approve a Gate for this?), there was Schumer Would Shoot Bush-gate. It was an early sign that perhaps our mild-mannered state comptroller was turning into a kind of maverick bad dude.

On June 1, Hevesi told an audience at a Queens College graduation ceremony that Senator Charles Schumer would "put a bullet between the president's eyes if he could get away with it." Hevesi apologized several hours later to Schumer and to President George W. Bush, but the murmurings of "that bitch crazy" had already begun. Five months of really bad decision-making later, Hevesi is en route to the glue factory of scandal-hobbled pols.

Today Schumer joined fellow Democrats in ushering His Hevness into the sweet hereafter. The senator packed metaphorical heat with his thoughts on Hevesi's troubles: "What's happened with Alan Hevesi is a true tragedy," Schumer said. "I served with him in the Assembly, and he's a very bright guy. What he's done now is very, very wrong. You can't just say it's a mistake and flick it away."

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