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5:48 PM

Attack of the Day 

Sue Kelly in Flight

In a recent discussion between Republican representative Sue Kelly and Democratic challenger John Hall, Hall raised questions about Kelly's former role as chair of the congressional-page committee in light of the Mark Foley scandal. Kelly pretty much handed the less-experienced Hall his ass, even throwing in a couple of breathless "Have you no shame!"s to seal the deal. Bravura stuff.

Well, Kelly's shocked! shocked! bluster seemed a bit overwrought at the time; this news segment from local WRNN-TV makes the well of emotion she tapped seem just a touch overbaked. WRNN invited the candidates for the Nineteenth District seat to debate in its studios. Kelly never responded and in fact scurries away from the reporter when confronted.

Good work, WRNN. Rarely do we see such a daring Beckettian study in absence on local news.

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