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11/ 7/06

12:14 PM

Stump Stories 

Exit Polled? Little Old Me?

This is not the exit poller in question, though he does look like a Patrick.Courtesy

Unlike at the last few elections, there was no one — well, except a lone Working Families Party regular — standing on the street outside my polling place, begging me to vote for his candidates. This speaks, one presumes, to the predictability of today's races in New York State, and probably also to the predictability of West Village voters. The crowds inside were bigger than usual, but, then, I was also voting earlier than usual. I waited, I voted down the Democratic line, and I left to come back home. Boring.

But then came the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me in a polling place: I was exit polled! (Not that I care, but are they really allowed to stand inside the building, right at the doorway to the polling room?) Patrick, according to his name tag, told me he was polling for ABC News. His forms clearly bore the logos of the three broadcast networks, CNN, Fox News, and the AP, which make up the National Election Pool, and also the name of Edison/Mitofsky, the polling concern. I checked that I'm a Democrat, I'm a Jew, I went to college, I voted for Democrats, and I think Hillary Clinton would make a good president, a better one than Rudy Giuliani. And I can't figure out why they selected my voting place for exit polling: Do you think they get different answers from anyone who votes at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center on West 13th Street?

Jesse Oxfeld


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