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11/ 3/06

1:20 PM

Attack of the Day 

The Republican Party's Weak End

The State Republican Party has released this parody DVD cover "Weekend at Al's," riffing on the 1989 frat-boy classic Weekend at Bernie's , in which Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman in the waning stages of youthful appeal play junior execs who have to elude assassins by propping up their dead boss. Here Eliot Spitzer and assembly leader Sheldon Silver are grinning under Alan Hevesi's weighty corpse. Fun with Photoshop aside, fantasizing about a rival politician's murder seems a little untoward.

Expect the Democrats to roll out a Being There parody, in which Chris Callaghan, upon entering the comptroller's office for the first time asks, "Is there a TV upstairs? I like to watch." Or better yet, how about a spoof of the Republican Party's chances on November 7 that's just like the motorway pileup scene in Godard's Week End?

Weekend at Alan's [Empire Zone]


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