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11/ 2/06

1:08 PM

Attack of the Day 

Everyone's Talking in the Twentieth District

All these negative ads in the Twentieth District require some serious press conferences. Even John Sweeney's wife, Gayle, has a press statement she found time to write in between shooting commercials.

Gayle Sweeney:

My husband's opponent has a hired gun that feels the need to embarrass me and slander my marriage. Because of that I must respond to the unfair and unwarranted attacks on my personal life. The evening in question was a very difficult time for our family. Real life has real problems. Like every family, we have personal challenges we must overcome. Anyone who believes life is not complicated just doesn't [breaks off]. The pressure of a yearlong public scrutiny reached its breaking point, and so had I. I did not need to be protected from John. At no time has John hurt me or done anything other than try to protect me. There were never any injuries to me. Neither John nor I are perfect, but we love each other deeply. The incident report that has been given to the press is untrue. The real incident report has nothing in it like the salacious words in the concocted document. I don't know if it is possible, but I give my permission for the state police to release the real report for all to see.

U.S. representative John Sweeney, R-Clifton Park, given at a press conference outside the home of one of his aides

There was no domestic violence, and like my wife, I would call on the state police to release the original report. My opponent has no shame. She has shown that throughout this campaign. In her desire for power, she has tried to ruin my marriage and slander my family … And you know I've been very open in the last year, especially about my family, whether it was my son or my own health problems — more so than I needed to be. I will say today, this is the last time I'm going talk about my family in the context of politics.

Statement released by Democratic challenger Kirsten Gillibrand:

It is Mr. Sweeney's word versus that of numerous sources and trusted local news organizations across our region. In five days voters will get to decide which they trust. Multiple sources have made it clear that police responded to a domestic-violence incident reported from Mr. Sweeney's home in December. This is about John Sweeney's behavior, his history of lies, his arrogance and bullying.

Complete Statements From Gayle Sweeney, John Sweeney and Kirsten Gillibrand on Wednesday [PostStar]


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