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Archive of NeoPolisms


12:35 PM


Hevesi Transcends Life as a Noun

"I got so much action my name should be a verb," Big Daddy Kane once rapped. That eighties hip-hop great (whose nom de flow, by the way, stood for King Asiatic Nobody's Equal) never got to be a different part of speech. That honor, instead, has been bestowed upon incumbent state comptroller Alan Hevesi, a man surrounded by much unwanted attention of late.

The Urban Dictionary, that YouTube of the common tongue, has added this new definition to its peer-built lexicon of up-to-the-minute slang

When it comes to being down, legendary hip-hop MCs just can't touch hustlin' comptrollers, especially ones who get their p.i.m.p. on like our boy A-Hev. And yet, bad and down as Alan is, it is possible that this neologism is less an authentic representation of contemporary slang than the work of those who want to take him down (in the polls, of course). The entry was created by Urban Elephants (no relation to the dictionary), a blog for New York City–based Republicans.

The Chris Callaghan campaign, often championed by Urban Elephant, denied creating the coinage. "We did not have involvement in that in any way," campaign spokesman John Callaghan told Early and Often. "Though we do believe it to be completely accurate."